Uprena, S.L.


Imagen_1 Uprena, S.L.

  • Pol. Ind. Municipal, Vial Transversal 4-8
    31500 Tudela
  • Phone: (+34) 948 848 098
  • Contact: Cesar Zurbano
  • Email: comercio.exterior@uprena.com
  • Web Page: http://www.uprena.com

Employees: 40




Spanish tortilla chilled
Spanish tortilla frozen
Spanish omelet


Germany 20 %
France 20 %
Belgium 10 %
Portugal 10 %
Netherlands 10 %
Cuba 10 %
Dominican Republic 10 %
United Kingdom 10 %


Uprena combine traditional know-how with more than 14 year´s experience. We offer a large range of frozen and chilled Spanish´s tortillas, for the retail and foodservice market.
our more than ten years´experience in making this tasty dish, using only natural ingredients that have undergone a rigorous selection process.
Our production process adheres faithfully, step by step, to the traditional formula using no additives whatsoever.
Uprena offers with the references (rounds, slab, junior and baguette) a range of frozen Spanish´s omelettes for the mistress, supermarkets, catering and fastfood.
Thanks to the politic of quality a management system aimed at guarantteeing the quality of the products and services we offer, we have obtained the ISO 9002 Certification and some national and international rewards.

Imagen_2 Uprena, S.L.