Unión Industrial Marmolera, S.L.


Imagen_1 Unión Industrial Marmolera, S.L.

  • Ctra. Alfaro, s/n
    31500 Tudela
  • Phone: (+34) 948 827 711
  • Contact: Estefania Sanchez Sola
  • Email: anticnovo@unimarmol.com
  • Web Page: http://www.unimarmol.com

Employees: 26 - 50




Aged Marbles: ANTICNOVO


USA 45 %
United Kingdom 15 %
Ireland 15 %
France 08 %
Netherlands 08 %
Others 09 %


Unimarmol established in 1973, by the amalgation of two marble craftsmen working since 1946 has always geared towards the nmarket of floor and wall coverings in marbles and stones and also to decorative elements in marble and to funeral art.
The means used are:
- 2500 sq m in cutting, polishing and manufacturing workshops and 7.000 sq m in storage surface.
- Employees with top qualification s and experience in manufacturing and fifting.
-Technical, installation and marketing ( home and export). Departments
- Own R+D department ( research and development)
- Personnel: 50 people ( established staff) +10 unestablished staff +`Independent working teams for instaling.
-Exterior help in general management

Marbles and natural stones having an aged looking and new textures. The ones made using chemicals.These have a great objection if, as natural, you aim the everlasting of what has been built because though the look is comparable to the one got by a mechanical proceeding, the attack with chemical products spoilts very much and even alter the molecular structure of the stone and so its physic-mechanical features, having special trouble in the weakest or less consolidated parts in the stone. We do not take into account the harms that chemical use can cause to the environment and to the people who have to work with them.

Imagen_2 Unión Industrial Marmolera, S.L.