Tenerías Omega, S.A.

(Tenerías Omega)

Imagen_1 Tenerías Omega, S.A.

  • Ctra Estella- Tafalla km 2,3
    31132 Villatuerta
  • Phone: (+34) 948 546 051
  • Contact: Marta Mauleon Paternain
  • Email: info@teneriasomega.com
  • Web Page: http://www.teneriasomega.com

Employees: 51 - 100


Napa Seda TAP
El Dorado
Napa Seda


Finished leather for domestic upholstery
Finished leather for aircraft interiors
Finished Leather for automotive interiors
Finished leather for shoes
Finished leather for steering wheels


USA 35 %
Germany 24 %
France 23 %
Denmark 10 %
Belgium 05 %
United Kingdom 02 %
Others 01 %


Tenerías Omega uses bovine raw hides for its application in domestic upholstery, aircraft, automotive as well as leather goods.

It occupies 67.000 square metres and has a covered area of 25.000 square metres.

Our annual production capacity is 18.000 hides/month, which accounts for approximately 90.000 square metres of finished leather. At present it employs over hundred people, including a selected team of professionals that make up our technical department.

Imagen_2 Tenerías Omega, S.A.