Sulfatos La Ribera, S.L.

(Sulfatos La Ribera)

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  • Pol. Ind. s/n
    31592 Cintruénigo
  • Phone: (+34) 948 811 492
  • Contact: Alberto Martínez Garbayo
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Employees: 23


Muro Rápido
Meca Ribera YPM- Yeso YG.
Escayola E35- E35/L
Megafine- Adhesthor


Fast panel
Projection Gypsum
Fast Gypsum
Controlled Gypsum
Fast Paster
Plaster Paste


Portugal 58 %
Italy 26 %
France 16 %


The characteristics of our revolutinary new panels.
The Fast Panel of Sulfatos La Ribera is a revolutionary patented product.
Due to the characteristics of its components it demostrates properties which correspond to different materials.
1.- Double interior cavity with oval shaped holes offer tremendous advantages, such as:
- Lightness of the product
- Increase in mechanical resistance
- High thermoacoustical power and noise insulation
2.- Ease, speed and precision in the preparation of the walls. Once the first line of blcks has been levelled on the pavement, the others are superimposed one on top of the other, joined at the seams using the special ADHESTHOR glue, supplied by our firm. Thanks to the special assembly it is possible to obtain a perfect alignment to the wall.
3.- High quality finishes due to the adaptability of zinc profile both in the formation of vertical spaces and in the flexible supports on the pavement.
4.- Facilitates the installation of plumbing and electrical fittings.
5.- Surfate dessing is unnecessary. The walls are already smooth and perfect. Simply smooth over the joins with a spatula to leave a perfect finish ready to be painted. For greater homogeneity in the panel we recommend the use of a suitable termination paste MEGAFINE which is supplied by our firm.
6.- Robust walls which offer a high degree of security in the positioning of hooks with support plugs.

Imagen_2 Sulfatos La Ribera, S.L.