Aceitunas Sarasa, S.A.

Imagen_1 Aceitunas Sarasa, S.A.

  • Travesía Raimundo Lanas, nº 6
    31261 Andosilla
  • Phone: (+34) 948 674 064
  • Contact: Alberto Rubio Sarsa
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Employees: 30






Service and quality: this is something that we have achieved thanks to OUR PREPARATION in being able to respond to a complete process of elaboration which, precisely in the case of the green table olive (our main product), may be made up from the olive collection to its packaging, going through a careful process of fermentation and selection of the green olive or the oxidation of the black olive. In this way being one of the few national companies to entirely carry out the process that we briefly describe.
After their careful selection in the country, we begin the manual Collection of Our Pruducts which, once prepared for trasportation, travel immediately to our factory where, within a few hours, the seasoning process can begin in the 9,00 m2 available for this end.
A complex process that is carried out by our traditional seasoning Master who, due to years of experience, has made our products sucessful and has guaranteed.
Once the product is in our plant, the nicest and most difficult process concerning the olive begins. To prepare each variety for its type of seasoning.
Once the best flavour, colour and texture of Our Pruducts have been achieved, we end the chain with selection and packaging, always controlling the quality and the critical points of each product un our plant, later to be stored in the 1,500 m2 reserved for them.

Imagen_2 Aceitunas Sarasa, S.A.