Producción de Moldes, S.A.L.


Imagen_1 Producción de Moldes, S.A.L.

  • Av. Hermanos Noáin, s/n
    31013 Ansoáin
  • Phone: (+34) 948 130 802
  • Contact: Angel Zamora

Employees: 12




Manufactures of aluminium moulds for the
production of P.V.C. Balls and sports articles
by ratational system


USA 36 %
Germany 26 %
France 10 %
Italy 10 %
United Kingdom 05 %
Mexico 04 %
Colombia 04 %
Netherlands 02 %
Tunisia 02 %
Ireland 01 %


Manufacture of aluminium moulds, for the production of P.V.C., balls, and sports articles by rotational system.
We are the suppler for the main manufactures of P.V.C., balls, in the world.
Our experience on this field, is for more than twenty five years, and we have also are produccer of reinflatable fubber xalves used in the P.V.C., balls, in several shapes and sizes.

Imagen_2 Producción de Moldes, S.A.L.