Precocinados Corella, S.A.

Imagen_1 Precocinados Corella, S.A.

  • Prolongación de Santa Barbara s/n
    31591 Corella
  • Phone: (+34) 948 401 959
  • Contact: Sebas Ruiz
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Employees: 6


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Viejo Molino


Piquillo peppers stuffed with truffed meat
Piquillo peppers stuffed with hake and shrimps
Piquillo peppers with codfish and shrimps
Whole piquillo peppers
White tuna in olive oil
Quilted quails
Ostrich meat in roquefort sauce


Paraguay 43 %
United Kingdom 12 %
Australia 19 %
Andorra 08 %
Mexico 11 %
France 03 %
Colombia 04 %


Precocinados Corella S.A. Is situated in Corella, in the heart of Navarre´s market garden.
The excellent quality of our canned products is primarily based on the use of firs class agricultural products, piquillo peppers , artichokes, the pochas beans, etc., which are cultivated for us by farmers using traditional and organic farming methods, eliminating the use of additives or preservaties. Our products are therefore consumed by the most demanding palates.
Now we are going to give a brief explanation about the elaboration, content and ingredientes of some of our wide range of products.
Stuffes peppers: Once we have made the filling, with the best ingredients, we stuff the peppers, and they are canned in their own sauce. Of course, each variety has the most appropiated sauce, depending on their filling.
Artichokes in olive oil: They are directly deliverd by the local farmers, and the artichokes are bore in the same day, and bottled by hand in oil with some salt.
White tuna in olive oil: The white tuna is directly brought from the hardbours of the Nort of Spain. Their elaboration, as all our specialties, is completely artisan and their ingredients are only salt, olive oil,

Imagen_2 Precocinados Corella, S.A.