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Pison Design


Office chairs
Collective chairs
waitin room chairs




More and more, and justifiably so, design and comfort in the workplace are returning to the forefront, becoming directly related to our lives.

From when we first created the backward step of the Biscuter, a popular vehicle of the time, our concern has always been the same: to improve from day to day, and that this effort on our part should, in turn, make life more comfortable for others.
In Pisón, a company founded in 1966, we have created an endless range of different styles of office chairs.

Pika is a complete and dynamic range of collective chairs. Working on a simple design. Pika is a chair with a great aesthetic strength because of its refined and its original backrest. It combines perfectly the warms of wood with the strength of polyurethane , both in a compact and lightweight set. This range offers all possible solutions for collectives.
Hobe is a line of executive anfd office chairs. A stylised piece defined by soft and flexible surfaces which adapt to the human body thanks to the ergonomic moulding. Hobe brings a new dimension to the professional environment by combinig ergonomics, functionality and beauty, complementing the idea of design that we want in our workspace.
For us, it is a challenge to move forward and achieve a deep reflection on the projects to tackle.

Pisons concern is to develop systems which adapt to modern living.
We offer custom-designed solutions for living and working in comfort.
Our distributors, and we ourselves at the company, will be very happy to assist you and offer you our experience

Imagen_2 Manufacturas Pisón, S.L.