Meler Aplicadores de Hot Melt, S.A.


Imagen_1 Meler Aplicadores de Hot Melt, S.A.

  • Pol. Agustinos, Calle G, nave 4
    31160 ORCOYEN
  • Phone: (+34) 948 351 110
  • Contact: Jorge Betrán
  • Email:
  • Web Page:

Employees: 64




Hot Melt application systems
Hot Melt application/ Melters
Hot Melt Guns
Hot Melt Hoses
Pattern Controller for Hot Melt
Compatible spare parts


Italy 25 %
France 15 %
Germany 9 %
United Kingdom 6 %
Mexico 3 %


MELER is a international company, with 4 daughter companies in different countries and a world wide activity. 25 years of experience in the hot-melt application field, allow us to offer you the competence of a real specialist. The MELER product range is entirely managed under own technology concepts. Big efforts are undertaken in research, development and innovation of new products, processes and services.
Our after-sales service MSS is committed to solve any eventual incident in our equipment worldwide at an pre-established delay.

Imagen_2 Meler Aplicadores de Hot Melt, S.A.