Manufacturas Vettel, S.L.

Imagen_1 Manufacturas Vettel, S.L.

  • C/ las Cendeas 8
    31014 Pamplona
  • Phone: (+34) 948 121 100
  • Contact: Eugenio Taberna Ilzarbe
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Employees: 26




Cervical collar (foam)
Cervical collar (polythene)
Thoracic and abdominal bands
Sacral and dorso-lumbar elasticated girdles
Splint wrist supports, wrist supports
Inguinal hernia bands


France 66 %
Switzerland 28 %
Portugal 03 %
Belgium 02 %


Manufacturas Vettel is a company estableshed in 1965 that manufactures Orthopaedic appliances in the field of Orthotics.
Our range of products is mainly the following: cervical collars, lumbar and abdominal holding bands, elasticated girdles, knee splints, wrist and ankle supports, slings, inguinal hernia bands, etc...
Our background of 32 years of experience in this field, the high quality of the raw materials and the outstanding finishing of our products allow us to export, among other countries to France, Switzerland, Portugal and Belgium.
Furthermore we cooperate, as subcontractors, with another companies in the manufacture of orthoses within the company´s specifications and conditions.

Imagen_2 Manufacturas Vettel, S.L.