Maderas Navarro, S.A.

Imagen_1 Maderas Navarro, S.A.

  • Barrio Estación, s/n
    31840 Huarte Araquil
  • Phone: (+34) 948 464 037
  • Contact: Joaquín Navarro Lacunza

Employees: 28


Royary-cut venner, especially beech


Italy 40 %
France 40 %
Portugal 20 %


Maderas Navarro S.A., with more than25 years experience offers solutions for your rotary cut-veneer and plywood needs.
We use carefully selected prime materials and apply the latest technology. Our two main product lines are:
A) Rotary-Cut veneer (Especially beech): Sheets made of different types of wood, quality and mesurements, which we supply to leading manufacturers of dielectric material, flooring, mattress boards, cutlery, boards and hardboard.
B) Plywood: Made with multiple curves and measurements ans supplied to manufacturers of office, commnunity and school furnishings.

Imagen_2 Maderas Navarro, S.A.