Isphording Hispania, S.A.

(Isphording Hispania)

Imagen_1 Isphording Hispania, S.A.

  • Barrio Txunkai, s/n
    31800 Alsasua
  • Phone: (+34) 948 564 816
  • Contact: Jürgen Koch
  • Email:
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Employees: 115




Gas valves
Gas Burners
Gas thermostats
Safety Re-igniter Control Systems


USA 45 %
Germany 33 %
United Kingdom 11 %
Japan 1 %
France 1 %


ISPHORDING has mainteined for many years an intensive research and development program in gas burners, valves and thermostats, so as in other parts that complement our burner system.
Our modern designs, high quality, long life and ability to be adapted ato the different designs required by our customers identify ISPHORDING´s products.
All burnersystems are built on a modular platform, with a universal burner concept so they complement one another and can be adapted to our customers requirements.
All together, allows us to successfully apply our systems to any customers idea inthe shortest time.

Imagen_2 Isphording Hispania, S.A.