Industrias Carsal, S.A.

Imagen_1 Industrias Carsal, S.A.

  • Cr. Pamplona-Vitoria, Km. 22
    31868 Etxarren
  • Phone: (+34) 948 507 030
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Employees: 30




Laquered doors
Honeycombed doors
Moulded doors
Primed doors
High-density moulded door skins


Belgium 35 %
Portugal 20 %
Netherlands 13 %
United Kingdom 12 %
Russia 06 %
France 4 %
Others 10 %


INDUSTRIAS CARSAL is manufacturer of wooden doors.SHAPELINE is a specific door, designed and manufactured to be lacquered.
Made with high-density particleboard door skins (not MDF) produced with our own technology, their onc-piece face construction eliminates cracking and distorting, and their smooth primed finish, insures excellent results of paint and lacquer coating application. SHAPELINE has obtained some of the most demanding international certifications: AITIM (Spain), TRADA (Great Britain) and TNO (The Netherlands).

Imagen_2 Industrias Carsal, S.A.