Industrial Barranquesa, S.A.

Imagen_1 Industrial Barranquesa, S.A.

  • Uriz, s/n
    31830 Lacunza
  • Phone: (+34) 948 576 014
  • Contact: Blanca Martínez Goicoechea
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Employees: 70


IBSA- Bridas Acero al Carbono


Carbon steel plate flanges
Flanges for windpower towers
Rings for bearings


United Kingdom 25 %
Germany 50 %
France 10 %
Italy 15 %


Carbon steel plate flanges, according norms DIN, NFE, BS. Nominal bore from 10mm to 4.000 mm.
The most importan applications of flanges and rings manufactured by ISBA are pipings installations: oil, water, air, gas, ect; as well as industrial production of ships, pumps, excavators, cranes, bearings, valves and wind power towers.
All our products are available in carbon steels, and are supplied. We have the norm ISO 9002.

Imagen_2 Industrial Barranquesa, S.A.