Empretex, S.A.L.

(Philippe Laporte)

Imagen_1 Empretex, S.A.L.

  • Cr. Esparza, Km. 5
    31190 Cizur Menor
  • Phone: (+34) 948 183 966
  • Contact: Patricia Pérez Mariscal
  • Email: philippelap@jet.es

Employees: 16


Philippe Laporte


Women´s clothing middle-upper segment


France 40 %
Portugal 30 %


Philippe Laporte, french designer living in Spain, is established in the spanish market since 1975, and its clothes can be found in the main stores.
The product outstands for its great design and a very careful selection of cloths to dress a woman from 25 to 50 years.
The result is a collection with an extraordinary style.

Imagen_2 Empretex, S.A.L.