Comercial CCV 90, S.L.

Imagen_1 Comercial CCV 90, S.L.

  • Ramón y Cajal, 21
    31261 Andosilla
  • Phone: (+34) 948 690 119
  • Contact: José María Ambrosí

Employees: 1


Piqullo peppers of Lodosa
White asparagus of Navarra
Artichokes of Tudela
Precooked dishes


Mexico 20 %
France 20 %
USA 18 %
Germany 12 %
Austria 11 %
Japan 08 %
Dominican Republic 06 %
Austria 06 %


Is situated in Andosilla, in the heart of Navarre´s market garden.
The excellent quality of our canned products is primarily based on the use of first class agricultural products with certified Approval of Origin, such as white Asparagus of Navarre, Piquillo Peppers of Lodosa, artichokes of Tudela, etc.., wich are cultivated for us by farmers using traditional and organic farming methods, eliminating the use of additives or preservatives.
Our products are therefore consumed by the most demanding plates.

Imagen_2 Comercial CCV 90, S.L.