Conservas El Chaval, S.L.

Imagen_1 Conservas El Chaval, S.L.

  • Porvenir, 115
    31261 Andosilla
  • Phone: (+34) 948 674 071
  • Contact: Angel Arias Alvarez
  • Web Page:

Employees: 1 - 25


Conservas El Chaval
El Baron
LA Andosillana


Canned piquillo
Canned asparagus


France 60 %
Andorra 20 %
Denmark 20 %


In addition to piquillo peppers and asparagus, we are pleased to offer you the elaborating of canned of mushrooms, vegetable stew from Ebro´s valley, fried tomato, green kidney bean, piquillo pepper stuffed with cured ham, hake and prawns or cod, and a long etc, of canned vegetables in all his range.

Imagen_2 Conservas El Chaval, S.L.