Conservas Angel Ría, S.A.

(Conservas Angel Ría S.A.)

Imagen_1 Conservas Angel Ría, S.A.

  • C/ Herrerías, 42
    31515 Cadreita
  • Phone: (+34) 948 836 109
  • Contact: Juan José Jiménez Doctor
  • Email:

Employees: 70


Son Ría
Rosa de Ría
El Muete


Asparagus in cans
Tomato in cans
Pepper in cans
Rovellons in cans


Germany 53 %
France 30 %
Switzerland 15 %
USA 02 %


Conservas Angel Ría, S.A. elaborates and distributes since 1985 canned vegetables with the highest technology and the best process control.
Wide range of products: Tomato, Asparagus and Piquillo Pepper, in different qualities (extra, I,II) and sizes in order to satisfy all of the customers.

Imagen_2 Conservas Angel Ría, S.A.