Industrias Bardi, S.A.L.


Imagen_1 Industrias Bardi, S.A.L.

  • María Auxiliadora, 2
    31350 Peralta
  • Phone: (+34) 948 751 000
  • Contact: Imanol Aizpurua
  • Email:

Employees: 36


Super -Leach


Technical pieces in plastic
Subcontrating of pieces in thermoplastics
Thermoplastics injection moulding
Seed beds for reforestation
Plastic trees for Nativity scenes


France 54 %
Germany 43 %
Portugal 03 %


Company´s activity lays on two complementary and differentiated lines, both based on thermoplastics injection moulding.
- Auxiliary subcontrating company: manufacture of technical and precision parts for the industry( automobile, pharmaceutical, furniture, electronics, hardware, vending machines…)
- Manufacturer of own products: miniature plastic trees for scale models and seeds beds for reforestation.

17 injection mouldfing machines are available and parts up to 2130 gr can be injected.

Imagen_2 Industrias Bardi, S.A.L.