Artículos de Ferretería, S.A.


Imagen_1 Artículos de Ferretería, S.A.

  • Pol. Ind. Ondarría, s/n
    31800 Alsasua
  • Phone: (+34) 948 562 413
  • Contact: Ramón Arza Mazquiarán
  • Email:
  • Web Page:

Employees: 101 - 200




Safes all sorts for domestic use
Wall safes
UL Certified TL-15 and TL-30
Hospitality Safes
Cash Boxes
Arms cabinets


France 17 %
USA 27 %
Portugal 13 %
Tunisia 7 %
United Kingdom 2 %
Mexico 5 %
Greece 2 %
Italy 3 %


The ARFE company is an ISO 9001:2000 certifie, Its products are of a superior hquality. It´s manufacturing specialities covers: Home safes included wall safes label I, II, III and IV safes UL CERTIFIED Tl-15and TL-30 safes.

All models can be customize in size and colours ARFE offers over 300 different safe models.
Other specialities are: Mail boxes, Cash boxes, Key cabinets, arm cabinets.

Imagen_2 Artículos de Ferretería, S.A.