Angel Garro, S.A.

(La pastelería de Angel Garro)

Imagen_1 Angel Garro, S.A.

  • Cr. Murillo, s/n
    31314 Santacara
  • Phone: (+34) 948 746 050
  • Contact: Sara Garro
  • Email:

Employees: 90


La pastelería de Angel Garro
El Saso


Swiss Rolls
Mini Rolls
Industrial Pastry


Russia 38 %
France 25 %
United Kingdom 24 %
Portugal 06 %
Netherlands 23 %
Belgium 02 %


The cake-making firm of Angel Garro has over 40 years experience in theproduction and commercialisation of the widest range of wellknown filled pastries, in the domestic market.
Since 1961, the development of structural resources and technology have not overlooked the original craftsmanship, typical of a family tradition.
At the present time, the most modern production technology, the know-how of experience together with select raw materials guarantee the maximum quality.
The make Garro is a sure sign of recognition and solvency; testimony of this being the thirty or more reference items existing at the present time.

Imagen_2 Angel Garro, S.A.