Ansoáin Burguete, S.L.


Imagen_1 Ansoáin Burguete, S.L.

  • Pol. Ind.Morea Norte, 19
    31191 Beriain
  • Phone: (+34) 948 368 301
  • Contact: Javier Azparren
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Employees: 45




Autiomatic installations of laying hens batteries
Automatic feeding systems
Automatic systems for the eggs recollection
Automatic systems for excrements belts dragging
Cooling systems
Ding hens from the first day to the 16 weeks


France 43 %
Portugal 37 %
Belgium 10 %
Mexico 05 %
Colombia 03 %
Brazil 04 %
Morocco 02 %


Manufacturing and assembly of automatic installations of laying hens batteries.
Automatic mechanisms for feeding by self-propelled hoppers.
Automatic mechanisms for the excrements belts dragging.
Automatic mechanisms for the eggs recollection.
Lift systems for the eggs recollection and transport.
Cooling systems.
Silo for food and flexible and spiral continuous conveyor belt for food transport from silo to self-propelled hopper.
Excrements drying systems in the batteries.

Imagen_2 Ansoáin Burguete, S.L.