Alabastros Martisa, S.L.

Imagen_1 Alabastros Martisa, S.L.

  • Cr. Pamplona, s/n
    31592 Cintruénigo
  • Phone: (+34) 948 811 406
  • Contact: Ricardo Antonio Saez

Employees: 20


Gifts articles
Book-end, figurines
Smoker gifts


Italy 30 %
Portugal 25 %
Germany 10 %
France 25 %
United Kingdom 10 %


Tha activity of our firm is center on the manufacture of alabaster products in a particular gift articles such as: clocks, colums, lamps, book-ends, figurines, ect.
At the present time, we export all these articles at the clients request and upon order.

Imagen_2 Alabastros Martisa, S.L.