Alfalfas J. Osés Resano, S.A

Imagen_1 Alfalfas J. Osés Resano, S.A

  • Av. Leizaur, s/n
    31350 Peralta
  • Phone: (+34) 948 750 186
  • Contact: Concepción Osés Irigaray
  • Email:

Employees: 26 - 50


Dehydrated alfalfa bales
Dehydrated alfalfa cubes
Dehydrated alfalfa pellets
Cotton seed for animal feeding


- Dehydrated alfalfa bales
With all its fibre
High nutritional value
Maintains all the properties of Alfalfa Hay
Appetising and highly-digestible for the animal
Ideal for all types of livestock especilally high-yielding dairy cows
- Dehydrated alfalfa cubes
The long fibre is retained
Easy to handle and transport
Recommended for bovine stock on extensive grazing, horses, deer and ostriches
- Dehydrated alfalfa pelllets
High protein content
Specially for sheep, goats, rabbits, poultry and pigs; and for mixing into compound feeds
- Alfalfa hay in bales
Natural suncured
For the traditional farmer
With thin stem
With the whole leaf

Imagen_2 Alfalfas J. Osés Resano, S.A